Smart in the City

Our solution for more digital and connectd city infrastructures.

Rome, 22-24 may

We are ready for FORUM PA di Roma “Smart in the City”. We will introduce our innovative solution based on the Livin' proprietary platform, which simplify, integrate and intelligently transform the different infrastructures in the territory: they communicate, interact, gather useful information, making the cities smarter and safer for their inhabitants and their visitors.



Cities, regardless of their size or location, are a set of infrastructures - more or less complex - that must guarantee continuity and services: the lack of coordination and dialogue between these, operators and platforms, can cause problems for urban and environmental safety, traffic congestion, air pollution and poor communication between people.

Smart in the City responds effectively to territories’ and inhabitants’ new needs: a series of digital solutions studied and designed for each type of territory, for a better and simpler management of urban life. Thanks to the  Livin', ENGIE’s flexible and dynamic digital platform, a continuous exchange of data (and therefore communication) between the various physical infrastructures already present in a territory is enabled, making them synergistic and dynamic and offering an even more fluid, simpler, safer, decision-making processes and an easier city life.



Among many solutions that ENGIE is developing and which can be already integrated today into cities, there are:

  • Smart Parking to identify in real time free parking spaces for the citizien
  • Citizen-city engagement through dedicated apps and interactive multimedia totems.
  • Automation of traffic light management for traffic fluidification.
  • Urban real time security management through an integrated platform with criticality analysis, traffic, possible actions.

Better Cities Today: working for an harmonious progress