QuotaMinima: the solution for small and medium enterprises

Rome, 26th April 2018

To meet Small and Medium Enterprise’s needs, ENGIE, the energy transition player, operating in Italy for over twenty years (www.engie.com - www.engie.it), offers QuotaMinima, the solution for light and gas that can guarantee constant savings in the bill, for small and medium enterprises.

Every month, there will be an arbitration, between indexed wholesale price (TTF for gas and PUN for electricity) and a maximum fixed price, defined at the time of contract signature, to get the lowest price. Thanks to Quota Minima, business customers can have access to wholesale market, remaining, at the same time, protected from its physiological fluctuations.

Quota Minima offers to businesses 100% green electricity and a customized online energy analysis, useful for finding the solution that suits best your needs and able to reduce equipment consumption and energy costs.

The offer, which is added to the proposals 2VolteLeggero (gas and power) and Disco Orario (power), has a 24 months’ contract and provides access to a dedicated online area with personalized consultants.

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