New green public lighting for the Municipality of Anzio

Energy savings of over 60% and investments of over 5 million euro.

Anzio, 27th February 2019

Anzio is ready for a radical transformation of public lighting. From this year we will take care of citizens and the environment through energy efficiency measures and technological evolution to improve the quality of life.

Over five million euros of investments are expected. All facilities will be secured, but not only. An energy and lighting redevelopment of public lighting systems and traffic lights is envisaged, as well as the installation of approximately 7,500 LED lamps that will transform the entire city network of public lighting.


«This is a real turning point in the public lighting service of our city. In the nine-year contract, between energy and maintenance, the Municipality of Anzio will save about two million seven hundred thousand euros.
These are tangible investments on our territory that the Municipality would never have been able to sustain».   

Candido De Angelis, mayor of Anzio


Among the various planned interventions there is also the remaking of the artistic lighting of the Archaeological Park of the Villa di Nerone, of the Roman Theater, and of the Cisternone, in addition to the arrangement and enhancement of the lighting in Via Fanciulla d'Anzio, in Piazza Garibaldi and in Piazza Pia, with a particular artistic illumination of the Mother Church, which will be affected by a real restyling intervention.

«Our solutions will give new light to the beauties of Anzio, guarantee greater security for its inhabitants and visitors, reduce light pollution, allow energy savings of over 60% with a consequent reduction of more than 1,000 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere».

Claudio Galli – Area Lazio Director of ENGIE Italia. 



We contribute to defining the competitiveness profile of Italian cities, according to the broader concept of Smart Cities, moving towards sustainability and ecological measures, both of control and energy saving.

We create and optimize solutions for the protection of the environment, the quality of life and the safety of citizens.

The Municipality of Anzio is added to the over 300 Italian Municipalities with whom we are committed to efficiency and sustainability projects.