Air pollution: an emergency for everyone

by Olivier Jacquier - CEO ENGIE Italia

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13th february 2018

The annual report of Legambiente, published a few days ago, shows that data on air pollution in 2017 are increasingly: 39 Italian cities have repeatedly exceeded the maximum limits of pollution required by law. Northern Italy with the Po Valley is the most critical area. 

Structural and long-term measures are needed to overcome the emergency approach adopted so far. We need to take a different approach not only on transport (from blocking traffic to the overall redevelopment of public and private mobility), but also on another fundamental cause of air pollutant emissions: the heating of buildings.

That's what ENGIE Italia is doing, both in terms of studying and understanding the problem and offering concrete solutions.

We have dedicated the last two editions of our annual Forum to these issues: “Rigeneriamo le città: migliorare la qualità dell’aria con l’efficienza energetica” and “Building the future: la rivoluzione energetica e ambientale degli edifici”.

From words to action: ENGIE Italia has implemented energy efficiency measures on approximately 10,000 buildings in Italy, including 3,500 schools.
To win the battle against the pollution of the air we breathe, as well as for the fight against climate change, we need the attention and commitment of everyone: institutions, businesses and citizens.