Why innovate public lighting?

May 28th 2018

An article from LinkedIn Pulse by Olivier Jacquier

A satellite image at night is enough to understand how every night Italy is more enlightened than in neighboring countries. Italian public lighting is in fact among the most intense and capillary in Europe. A greater brightness that unfortunately results in a greater burden on the public administration required to power and maintain the plants often obsolete and lacking adequate security infrastructure.

The total expenditure for public lighting is 1.7 billion euros, equal to 28.7 euros per capita compared to an average of 16.8 euros for the main European countries. This emerges from a study by the Observatory on Public Accounts of the Catholic University of Milan.

The gap between Italian spending and that of other virtuous European cases is not exclusively due to the greater luminosity of Italian municipalities, but is also the result of a lack of technological advancement of our lighting systems, estimated, according to reports from the study, among the 300 and 400 million euros a year.

Innovating in public lighting becomes an obligatory path: efficient lighting systems are a strong saving for municipalities, greater safety for the citizen, an important step towards the environment. Intelligent poles have unlimited functionality: a spider web that covers the urban fabric on which connectivity and information navigate. The poles can transmit and receive data, manage traffic and parking, monitor air quality, be WI FI points or electric vehicle charging stations. Urban efficiency increases by reducing energy consumption.
A saving that can reach up to 60% of public spending.


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