Settimo Torinese, October 18th 2019

As part of our commitment to greater awareness and involvement in the fight against climate change, we have developed - in collaboration with the ECM Foundation and the LEGO EDUCATION Laboratory of the Archimede Library in Settimo Torinese - the project:

Il Pianeta lo Salvo Io!

which involved 10 civic libraries and 20 primary schools in the Piedmont Region, for a total of more than 500 children.

Through creative learning workshops, with the use of Lego Education materials combined with coding and storytelling, the program has accompanied children in understanding the effects of human activities on the environment, leading them to identify and adopt those daily gestures that can contribute to save the world.

This path is told in the video we presented at the Settimo Torinese Festival of Innovation and Science which also sees a Lego Education laboratory and the participation of the expert Marta Tuninetti of the Polytechnic of Turin.

The video traces the wonderful experience of this project and the work done by the children, which helped them to understand what is happening to our planet, but above all encouraged to act, identifying the small daily actions that contribute to saving the world because #piusiamomenopesiamo.

To raise awareness among adults, but above all cities and companies to take action to reduce polluting emissions, Matthieu Bonvoisin from ENGIE Italia, spoke in the round table. Let's not waste time on a new corporate culture that can meet the challenge of fighting climate change and reversing the course of global warming.


«A study by Euromedia Research, recently presented at the ENGIE Forum, revealed a reassuring awareness of climate change and the impact of CO2 in 77% of citizens and 86% of companies. However, concrete actions do not always correspond to the knowledge of the subject. Few companies measure their CO2 emissions and cities are responsible for 75% of the world's polluting emissions.
  We are aware of an ongoing Environmental Revolution and the need to act, and we are committed to this front, for the benefit of all, us today and our children tomorrow».

Matthieu Bonvoisin Renewable & Decentralized Energy Infrastructures Director di ENGIE Italia 


In the fight against climate change, companies like ENGIE have a great responsibility. For this reason we are committed to the development of technology solutions for "decarbonisation", for the production of energy with low environmental impact, also using the peculiarities of the territory.



Settimo Torinese is a virtuous example. In the territory, the district heating network makes it possible to avoid over 37% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere each year and two consolidated partnerships with important industrial players in the area such as the L’Oréal Group and Pilkington are examples of a concrete commitment to the energy transition. The district heating network develops for about 47 kilometers and guarantees the supply of 80 GWh of thermal energy per year to over 6,000 public and private utilities in the municipal area: a solution that avoids over 37% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere .

We have designed and managed 6 district heating systems in Biella, Saluzzo, Fossano, Racconigi, Turin and Settimo Torinese, which extend through 125 km of network.