ENGIE Italy and IUAV University of Venice get the Best Practice Public Heritage Award 2017

Rome, May 25th 2017

At the 11th National Forum on Urban Property, Territorial Public Property, promoted by the PA net - the TEROTEC & FPA laboratory -  ENGIE Italia and IUAV University of Venice were awarded with the Best Practice Public Heritage Award.
The Prize was intended to highlight the most innovative experiences promoted and developed in partnership between Public and Private Entities for the management and enhancement of public real estate, urban and territorial properties.
The aim is to foster the promotion and dissemination of a new sectoral managerial culture among public operators and private operators to stimulate the study, experimentation and adoption of new and more sophisticated "governance" processes of heritage as " Strategic resources "of public corporations.
IUAV University of Venice in partnership with ENGIE Italia won the Best Practice Public Fair 2017 Award by presenting the project of the first trigeneration plant in Italy connected to a district heating network at the University service.


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