"L'Isola di Pietro 3": a green partnership

Partnership with LUX VIDE

Milan, october 15th 2019

Efficiency of set and electric mobility for the third edition of the long-awaited series broadcast on Channel 5, are just the beginning of the partnership to reduce emissions and improve the energy efficiency of audio-visual productions LUX VIDE, leading television production company in Europe, with over 1000 hours of Prime Time and specialized in seriality.

LUX VIDE has decided to follow a path of sustainability, committing itself to favoring green actions on the sets and communicating the importance of an increasingly sustainable cinema-tele-audiovisual chain, also from a social and economic point of view.

Since the first series "L'Isola di Pietro" has implemented a series of sustainable actions:


  • Saving and energy efficiency
  • Sustainable housing
  • Choice of materials
  • Km 0 food 



With ENGIE another step has been taken towards sustainability using electric mobility and a greater efficiency of the SET of L'Isola di Pietro, the much-loved TV series that now, in addition to its record audience, can boast greater energy efficiency on sets.

The setting of the series contributed to the realization of the idea, all in the splendid setting of Sardinia, in Carloforte, one of the most fascinating places in the world, where nature is unspoiled.
The sea, the breathtaking views and the views will, in fact, be the dominant theme of the series broadcast on Channel 5 from 18th October.
A story based on the story of Pietro Sereni, a pediatrician at the Carloforte hospital, the protagonist of the story together with his daughter Elena and his niece Caterina. The partnership with LUX VIDE is part of a broader framework of 360-degree communication in support of the television series Isola di Pietro which wants to put ENGIE as a reference player for audio-visual productions, and it is only the first step of a collaboration project between the two companies, which will focus on the aspects of energy efficiency and reduction of the carbon footprint of the production company.

Safeguarding the environment, a fundamental mission for ENGIE, is also a primary objective of LUX VIDE, which aims to reduce energy consumption and make its numerous productions greener.