Caldaia Peso Zero

Up to 50% reduction in polluting emissions and double savings

Milan, october 14th 2019

Do your part to help protect the environment, even when we heat our home. Now it's possible.
The “Zero Weight” boiler arrives in energy class A +, which not only reduces CO2 emissions, but also the cost of the bill.

From mid-October onwards throughout Italy heating systems will be switched on and the choice of a high-efficiency boiler is a small-to-large step to weigh less on the environment and contribute concretely to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

"Caldaia Peso Zero" allows to change boiler at very advantageous conditions and provides:

  • Up to 50% reduction in polluting emissions and up to 25% in consumption compared to a traditional boiler;
  • 65% immediate discount on the purchase of a condensing boiler with modulating energy class A + thermostat, thanks to tax incentives;
  • 35% of the amount paid back in 10 years, signing a light and gas supply contract with ENGIE.

This solution allows you to have a boiler equipped with a connected intelligent thermostat, to control and program your heating system remotely via a simple App.
In this way the start / stop cycles of the boiler are drastically reduced, allowing to save even more on gas and electricity and to extend the life of the plant.

Thanks to tax incentives and the transfer of the tax credit for "Caldaia Peso Zero" it is possible to buy a condensing boiler at a third of its selling price.
In addition, by activating a Light and Gas offer you can recover the amount paid with a bonus deferred in the bill.

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