Agreement with the Municipality of Monteprandone

For public lighting and heating systems.

12th april 2018


A twenty-year agreement has been signed with the Municipality of Monteprandone (Ascoli Piceno) for the supply of electricity and gas, the management and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the plants and the renewal and redevelopment of the public lighting and thermal systems network.

The Municipality of Monteprandone will have an annual energy saving of 68% for public lighting and 15% for thermal systems, equal to over 700 tonnes of CO2 less per year and an economic saving of 10% compared to costs historians.

The project for the public lighting service - which today counts 2,270 lighting points - includes the replacement of lighting fixtures with LED technology, a radio-controlled remote control system with the possibility of providing Smart metering services, installation of a remote control and thermoregulation system.


Here is the complete list of the other interventions:


  • Installation of information totems in some city streets.
  • Installation of smart TV at the entrance to municipal buildings.
  • Artistic lighting of the historic center with RGB light sources.
  • Installation of 10 photovoltaic light points in fractions not currently covered by the public lighting service.
  • Installation of 15 new traditional light points in the industrial area (Via Scopa).
  • Complete reconstruction of the public lighting system of about 2.5 km on Via Salaria.
  • For the thermal service of the 24 buildings owned or in use by the Municipality:
    • Standardization of all systems according to current regulations.
    • Installation of a photovoltaic system on the Colle Gioioso gym roof.
    • Replacement of heat generators in all schools and buildings belonging to the municipality.
    • Installation of thermostatic valves.