4th ENGIE Energy Forum

Milan, October 10th 2016

Is it possible to "regenerate cities" and improve air quality thanks to energy efficiency? We have tried to answer this and other questions at the 4th Energy of ENGIE forum with topic:

"We regenerate cities. Improve air quality with energy efficiency".

During the forum the studies carried out by Anci, The European House - Ambrosetti and Milan Polytechnic were presented with the initiatives for the reduction of emissions of fine particles and CO2 coming from the heating of public and private buildings, innovative and sustainable solutions for a use smarter than energy in our cities.



The theme of air quality is very topical, but in Italy it is still not very internalized in the common perception (and partly also in the political-institutional debate).

In the public opinion the theme of "pollution" is associated in an almost automatic and prevalent way with that of mobility and motorized transport and without taking into sufficient consideration that the impact of emissions from heating buildings.

This is a key theme of “sustainability” that has very concrete impacts at the economic, social and, more generally, competitive level, and that for this requires strategic planning at national level and a constant dialogue between central institutions and local realities .



The fourth edition of the "Energy Innovation Observatory" of ENGIE Italia has the ambition to mark a starting point and the launch of a joint action plan on a very important issue such as air quality, aware of our responsibility towards citizens and the environment and the potential that innovation can offer.

With the help of studies carried out by Anci, The European House - Ambrosetti and Politecnico di Milano, the analyzes carried out on 5 Italian cities (Milan, Genoa, Florence, Parma and Perugia) are presented with the aim of:

  • measuring the impact of the technologies used for heating buildings, urban transport systems and industrial production processes on air quality;
  • estimate the cost-benefit balance associated with the adoption of a set of solutions for energy efficiency in the heating of buildings;
  • illustrate the main strategies and actions implemented by Italian municipalities to promote energy efficiency;



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