22th february 2018

ENGIE Italia and Wienerberger have signed a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), to supply Wienerberger’s four Italian bricks production plants with renewable electricity produced by some of the photovoltaic farms owned by ENGIE Italia.  The contractual agreement will last 5 years (2018-2022) with a price applied for the full duration of the contract.

The agreement is an important step for the CO2 emission reduction process pursued by Wienerberger through energy saving and use of green power.It illustrates the value that ENGIE can offer to its customers in their commitment for their sustainable and responsible growth.


 "As the leader of the energy transition”, says ENGIE Italia CEO Olivier Jacquier, “we are proud to be the first operator in Italy to have signed a "Green PPA" contract that virtually connects our renewable production plants to an end customer. This concretely shows the evolution of the electricity market towards long-term agreements, independently of market volatility, for the benefit of both the final consumer and producers of renewable energy. The development of PPAs, with increasing duration, will bring a fundamental contribution to achieve the ambitious national and European renewable electricity generation targets".


“We strive to improve people’s quality of life by providing outstanding, sustainable building material solutions in specific Sustainability at Wienerberger is embedded in the corporate strategy and constitutes an integral component.  Therefore we are very pleased to announce our partnership with ENGIE Italia, and convinced to lead Wienerberger towards a renewable future reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.”  says Gülnaz Atila Wienerberger Italia Managing Director.