Ca’ Foscari University:
an Energy Efficiency lesson

Venice, 21st March 2017

ENGIE and the University Ca’ Foscari Venezia signed a contract, lasting 6 years, to manage energetic services and to plan upgrading and energy efficiency of thermal power, electricity and air conditioning plants of the 40 University buildings for a total extension of 500.000 cubic meter.

This plan concern the upgrading of thermal power plants, centralized systems of thermoregulation and specific measures on energy plants, lighting equipment and inverters.

All these interventions allows saving concerning requirement of primary thermal power equal to 24% (ca.3.200.000 thermal kWh per year) and saving concerning requirement of electricity equal to 20% (ca. 2.300.000 kWh per year).


Olivier Jacquier, CEO of ENGIE Italia, declared:

“Every day ENGIE works hard to understand and to anticipate customers’ needs and megatrends oriented to environmental sustainability, focusing on them its innovative solutions.
We are glad for this new confirmation of confidence, mainly because it is a concrete and virtuous example of an obvious institution and a private company, aimed at reduction of pollution and at saving.”

Michele Bugliesi, Dean of University Ca’ Foscari Venezia:

“Sustainability is a scope where Ca’ Foscari’s experience strongly developed during the years, not only as subject of study but also as practice we adopted in daily processes of the university.
We always pay attention to innovation processes for energy efficiency and reduction of consumptions in our offices.
The deal with one of the most important company in energy service management means a milestone particularly important of our path.