A digital experience for choosing solar energy

ENGIE changes photovoltaic rules in Italy

November 29th, 2017

Italian families now have the opportunity to switch to solar energy with a conscious, simple and cutting-edge shopping experience thanks to the new ENGIE offer, which an innovative digital customer journey, from initial consultancy to personalization of the project.

This new way of experiencing solar energy is proposed by ENGIE Italy in partnership with Sungevity, an international leader in the photovoltaic sector, recently joined the ENGIE Group.

An innovative experience

The ENGIE digital experience consists of a totally innovative approach starting from customers' listening in order to understand his needs and set the customization of the solution.
Then we move on to the design of the photovoltaic system, based on cutting-edge design software that uses high-definition satellite images and specific calculation algorithms.
After a careful analysis of consumption and lifestyle in the home, the solar consultant elaborates and illustrates in co-browsing the customer various plant assumptions accompanied by the economic-financial plan for the evaluation of the profitability of the investment.


Photovoltaics in one day

The customized solution for the solar system also includes the possibility of financing, a complementary green electricity supply and a remote monitoring system.

The installation, carried out by a network of expert installers, required just one working day.

The experience continues with a remote monitoring service that ensures the customer the correct operation of the system and allows real-time verification of the production of energy, as well as a dedicated service for the eventual technical assistance.

The offer is currently limited to 4 Italian regions (Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Puglia) with in view of the extension to all of Italy by 2018.


An intelligent choice

In a panorama full of small traditional installers and standard solutions, the offer of ENGIE and Sungevity wants to favor an intelligent, conscious, personalized and with an excellent quality-price ratio.
It is possible to have a 3kWp system starting from 5,500 € with the guarantee of a dedicated and 360° service throughout the entire life cycle of the plant.

For Olivier Jacquier, CEO of ENGIE Italia:
"One of ENGIE Italia's strategic priorities is to increase production from renewable sources and self-consumption of energy. Our entry into the residential solar market, with an offer of innovative and digital connotations, is proof of this".

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