Bonus of € 115
discover the best electricity offer for Tutela SIMILE

ENGIE has the best electricity offer for the new market Tutela SIMILE with a bonus of € 115 for consumers issued in the first invoice.

From 2018 customers must have a free market supply.

During this temporary period the Authority launched a new project called Tutela SIMILE, to let consumers know better energy market, oriented to families and small enterprises.

Tutela SIMILE is based on a voluntary subscription of a free market offer with a standard contractual structure determined by Authority.



ENGIE will give a one-off bonus of € 115, accounted in the first electricity invoice of Tutela SIMILE.

The price of transmission, distribution and measure services and related general charges are instead determined by Authority.

This offer is also available for professionals and retailers with a dedicated bonus.



Customers, who have a 'Maggior Tutela' contract yet, may subscribe Tutela SIMILE. This offer will last one year.

Users may access to Tutela SIMILE through a web portal managed by Authority.

The price proposed to customers could be compared to the price of Maggior Tutela service, both of them are updated every three months.

Tutela SIMILE customer’s saving is connected to a one-off bonus issued in the first invoice, determined by each supplier “admitted” for every kind of customer (family or small enterprises).



This solution is born to let smaller customers, who at the moment have a 'Maggior Tutela' contract, test a kind of offer near to free market, in conditions of transparency, clarity and in a context of supply monitored by the Authority.

Tutela SIMILE subscription is proposed by free market suppliers “admitted” to this project because they have specific requirements, verified at the beginning and monitored every three months, of economic and financial solidity, good repute and functioning.

ENGIE is one of the most reliable and suitable suppliers to propose this offer.


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