The good day 2019

The urgency of a zero-carbon transition is getting more pressing each day

Paris, June 20th 2019

The consequences of climate change have become blatant, for the most vulnerable communities as well as the most privileged ones. All the scientific publications, notably the IPCC reports, highlight the gravity of the situation but also clearly indicate that through strong action, we can still contain global warming.

It is therefore necessary to create, everywhere we can, accelerators for change. The good day is one of them.


Together, let's go further, faster towards a zero carbon world


We are not alone. Global mobilization is growing. Each day, we meet activists, scientists, entrepreneurs and pioneers uncovering new paths, who all, wherever they stand, are also accelerating change. We have decided to highlight and give a voice to these women and men.

By working with them and sharing their experiences, we are convinced that a world without carbon is within reach, as long as we know how to come together to create, innovate and share everyone’s ideas more loudly and rapidly. Concrete ideas which have been tested, with a replicable business model.

This zero-carbon transition goes well beyond the sole issue of energy. More broadly, it questions our ways of consuming and producing. The magnitude of this transformation can create tensions, on household purchasing power, business competitiveness, the development of territories and economies, or between generations on the urgency to act. The actors of change whom you will meet at The good day are also mobilized on all these issues because the transition will in fact only be acceptable and possible if some answers can be provided.

We want to unite a coalition for the zero-carbon transition, advocate for action and engage the greatest number in this transformation. That is the purpose of The good day: to help us act collectively, come together to get inspired, connect with other actors of this revolution and do so through rich, positive and authentic encounters. Discover some exemplary projects of transformation and meet a new generation of actors for harmonious progress. Everywhere, participants will have the possibility to dialogue, question and share their views and interrogations.

Tomorrow’s solutions already exist, they will be at The good day on 20 June 2019 at the Parc de Saint-Cloud.

Together, let's go further, faster towards a zero carbon world