Research and advanced technology

An international network of research centres for developing new technologies for the production and better consumption of energy, with a view to reducing its environmental impact.

The Research and Technology Department of ENGIE establishes and guides the Group’s research strategy within an international research network:

- 5 research programmes in three priority sectors:

  • The generation of carbon-free energy that emits no carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Smart management of energy and cities
  • The gas chains of the future

- Prospective and explorative research necessary to develop technological solutions for energy and the environment.

- Monitoring to identify emerging technologies and contribute to explorative projects in sectors such as syn-methane and nanotechnology.

- The key figures of ENGIE research:

  • 1,000 researchers and technicians
  • 11 research centres and companies
  • More than 100 university partners.

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