Together to do more

towards a carbon neutral economy

At ENGIE we consider the fight against climate change to be the biggest challenge, an emergency we are determined to confront cohesivly, in the belief that this challenge involves all of us and requires the contribution of us all.

We want to lead the transition towards a carbon neutral economy, to create a more equitable and inclusive future for all. The mission unites everyone in the Company: from employees to customers, though shareholders and stakeholders, and allow us to achieve economic results with positive impacts on the planet and the people who live on it. That is why we decided to invest in renewable energy and new digital technologies, trasforming them into accesible services, adapted to the need of all our customers.

We are convinced that every gesture in favor that benefits the environment, even the smallest one, when combined with others, has a strong positive impact on the environment.

Together we can all do more and weigh less on the planet.





  • Accompanying communities and businesses in the transition towards a carbon neutral economy by proposing solutions capable of reconciling individual and collective interests.
  • Being a reliable partner of our customers to better manage their energy supplies and services ensuring efficiency, sustainability and comfort;
  • Being an "energy architect" of the territories, helping local institutions and communities to manage their energy and services efficiently and intelligently ("smart"), for the benefit of all citizens;
  • Grow by developing our strengths: presence throughout the national territory with diversified customers, plants and skills across the entire energy chain;
  • Ensuring operational excellence in plant management and increasing distributed, renewable generation and self-consumption of energy for the benefit of our customers;
  • Promote and develop innovation and digitization of processes and customer services in all activities.

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