for the residential sector

We bring better energy to your home.

ENGIE in Italy offers safe, innovative solutions, studied to ensure a perfect temperature in all rooms: what is known as Environmental comfort.

The CASA system is the integrated solution that ENGIE offers the residential market. For every type of home, ENGIE identifies tailor-made solutions to optimize the use of energy and make the most of the available resources, by integrating them with renewable energy sources. 
As well as guaranteeing maximum efficiency and a high level of living comfort, ENGIE promotes more responsible and eco-friendly behaviour.

The CASA system is a complete, modular package comprising:

                • an energy analysis of the “building-plant system” to determine the most suitable efficiency solutions

                • executive design of the operations in full compliance with the legislation in force

                • fulfilment of the obligations for obtaining tax relief and incentives

                • installation and final inspection

                • ordinary system maintenance and performance monitoring

                • energy certification

                • guarantee of economic and energy savings

                • overall energy management of the building

with several innovative solutions:

                • heat recording and thermoregulation systems

                • installation and replacement of boilers and air-conditioners

                • “Smart Energy Box 10+5” condensing heating system

                • heat pump system

                • micro-cogeneration system

                • thermal and/or photovoltaic solar system

                • heat and sound home insulation with a cladding and blowing-in system


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ENGIE believes it to be fundamentally important to make the home environment comfortable and efficient, and that is why it provides Italian families with solutions for managing the energy inside their homes.

ENGIE is also a single contact, capable of ensuring the energy efficiency of plants and savings on the bills.

Choosing ENGIE means being sure that the operator gives top priority to the simplicity and quality of a customer service always close to your needs.


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