for the residential sector

Condominio PESO ZERO is the ENGIE's simple and customized solution for the energy requalification of condominiums.

With Condominio PESO ZERO, the administrator and the condominiums have a single interlocutor, reliable and qualified, who accompanies them on a path of sustainability, reducing energy consumption and increasing the safety of the condominium.


Condominio PESO ZERO advantages

  • ZERO THOUGHTS: we plan interventions based on the building's real energy needs
  • NO ADVANCE: we make jobs economically sustainable thanks to the Energy Plus Service
  • ZERO WASTE: we install high efficiency technologies to reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality


Condominio PESO ZERO solutions

  • thermal insulation: thermal coat, blowing and ventilated facade
  • redevelopment of the thermal power plant: condensing boiler, heat pump and microcogeneration
  • maintenance of the thermal power plant
  • Green solutions: photovoltaic, solar thermal, electric car charging station and light point refitting
  • heat and water metering systems
  • natural gas supply


Condominio PESO ZERO method

  • We identify the areas that need intervention and design the most suitable solution for each property;
  • we extend the value of the works by guaranteeing access to the related tax deductions with the possibility of using the assignment of credit;
  • our salespeople are available to illustrate the advantages of energy requalification and incentives during condominium assemblies;
  • our technicians follow the progress of the work on a daily basis, guaranteeing quality and safety;
  • we are able to provide maintenance services ensuring performance and technologies installed for up to 10 years;
  • we take care of all the practices necessary to obtain the tax incentives to which the condominium is entitled.


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