Smart Arenas: sport innovation

Milano, May 24th 2018

How to innovate sport and modernize our stadiums and improve services to the public?
This and much more is discussed at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in Milan on the occasion of the "Smart Arenas & Facility Management" event.

The initiative is a unique event dedicated to sports arenas as a lever of business and Facility Management services as drivers to maximize the customer experience.



Round tables, testimonies and case histories presented by managers and institutional representatives of the Italian sport system. In particular, the Politecnico di Milano will open its work with a study of the situation of arenas in Italy: numbers, projects, constructions and similar aspects.

The two round tables will be conducted by Giuseppe De Bellis, Sky Sport 24 manager.
The First Round Table will focus on the importance of Smart Arenas in terms of revenues, business and sponsorship. What has been done, what can be done and how are clubs moving in this direction?

The Second Round Table will focus on the importance of Facility Management: soft services, ordinary and extraordinary administration, the excellence of the Italian scene in which the ENGIE Program certainly stands out, as a structured reality and which is the only interlocutor for the entire supply chain of services.

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