2017 Annual Results

A successful strategic repositioning poised for growth

Paris, 8th march 2018

Our 2017 figures show that ENGIE has succeeded in its change of direction, initiated in 2016, to become the champion of the new energy world.

  • Our revenues amounted to 65 billion euros, up from 2016.
  • We had a net result of 1.4 billion euros, vs. a loss of 400 million in 2016.
  • We significantly reduced our debt (20.9 billion euros, or - 2.1 billion euros compared to 2016). This gives us much more freedom to plan our future.


"The return to organic growth was confirmed in 2017. It is the result of the work and commitment of all our teams" 

(Isabelle Kocher)


2018: a new growth

We will in particular continue to innovate in the areas of digital and "green" gases: biogas, biomethane and renewable hydrogen.

In terms of figures, we expect for 2018 a net recurring income up 8% compared with 2017 and higher EBITDA, as well as a greater dividend, to 75 cents per share instead of 70 cents.

The ambitious repositioning we carried out by reinvesting heavily in Low CO2 electricity generation, Networks and Client Solutions has laid the solid foundation for ENGIE to enter a new growth dynamic.