Redevelopping Playground in Milan

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Milan, 17th june 2018

Milan, in addition to being a metropolis in continuous growth and transformation, capital of fashion, culture, economy and design, is also the European capital of Playgrounds, sports fields located throughout the city where people plays the most popular sport among the local community: basketball.

There are 180 Playgrounds in the Lombard capital and they represent places of aggregation where young people put on the field not only the passion for sport, but also the desire to share quality time with others. It is easy to understand that, since they are outdoor and public places, redevelopment works are necessary to keep the playgrounds constantly functional.

 In line with our ambition to contribute to harmonious progress and as a socially oriented company, we offer in Milan and its community a redeveloped and renovated playground where young people and their talents can express themselves



La riqualificazione del playground di Via Vetere conferma il nostro impegno anche nello sport. Attraverso la nostra società ENGIE Program abbiamo sviluppato negli anni un’importante expertise legata al mondo dello sport. Abbiamo in gestione 15 stadi italiani e diverse strutture indoor quali palazzetti, piscine e club. L’obiettivo è quello di incrementare la redditività degli spazi sportivi sia rendendo maggiormente attrattive le strutture, sia attraverso l’efficientamento dei costi di gestione con soluzioni orientate alla sostenibilità, all’efficienza, al miglioramento del livello tecnologico ma anche al comfort e all’esperienza d’uso.

Oggi è opportuno affrontare il tema con un approccio innovativo: le strutture invecchiano, devono essere ripensate per gli utilizzatori e rinnovate su misura, è necessario ottimizzarne i costi, valorizzarle, piuttosto che crearne di nuove. Con grande attenzione all’impatto ambientale, vogliamo porre le nostre competenze al servizio delle strutture sportive e del bene comune.

The redevelopment of the Via Vetere playground confirms our commitment in sports too. Through ENGIE Program we developed over the years an important expertise related to sport’s world. We manages 15 Italian stadiums and various indoor facilities such as arenas, swimming pools and clubs. The goal is to increase the profitability of sport’s spaces by making the facilities more attractive, and by making the management costs more efficient with solutions focused on sustainability, efficiency, technological improvement, but also on comfort and user experience.

"Looking at the Playgrounds, but more in general the sports facilities, we also believe that today it is appropriate to address the issue with an innovative approach: structures get old, must be redesign to meet their users and customized, it is necessary to optimize the costs and enhance the Playground rather than create new ones. This is a real opportunity for us: with great attention to the environmental impact, we want to put our skills at the service of sports facilities and the common good".

Oliver Jacquier, CEO ENGIE Italia

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