Rieti Public Lighting Redevelopment

Rieti, July 15th 2019

For the next 9 years we will support the Municipality of Rieti to transform the public lighting network, in a Smart City perspective with the aim of reducing energy consumption and light pollution.

Interventions of regulatory adaptation, energy efficiency, extraordinary maintenance and technological evolution are just some of the objectives we have set ourselves.

Thanks to the planned interventions in fact, concrete benefits will be obtained both for the Administration and for the citizens: the total energy savings for the Municipality will be over 60%, this will translate into an important environmental benefit, a cut of 1,350 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere per year, as if 680 less cars were circulating in the streets of Rieti and in greater safety for the inhabitants.

Here are some specific interventions:

  • routine maintenance and faults on lighting equipment
  • day and night inspections
  • monitoring and control of the conservation status of the plants
  • energy efficiency
  • standardization of plants and disposal of waste materials
  • conversion of the Rieti lighting and traffic light technology to LED technology


The project will allow the Municipality of Rieti to significantly reduce annual electricity consumption from 5.5 million KWh to 2 million and consequently CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


«This is a revolutionary solution to an ancient problem. Today we celebrate the culmination of two years of hard work that will give the city a leap into the future through a concrete and efficient solution.
We have responded with facts to a real need of citizens».

Claudio Valentini, Councilor for the Environment and the Budget of the Municipality of Rieti


«We are excited to be at the side of a common virtuoso such as Rieti who has chosen a path towards innovation and sustainability.
Our ambition is to drive a future with zero CO2 emissions, improve the quality of life of people and cities. And together we can achieve it».

Olivier Jacquier,  ENGIE Italy CEO