Settimo Torinese

From August 2017, the district heating network of Settimo Torinese (TO) is owned by ENGIE.

Currently the network is developed for about 47 km and guarantees the supply of 77 GWh of thermal energy per year to over 6,000 public, commercial, industrial and residential users of the municipal territory. Important initiatives are being studied for the purpose of maximizing the environmental benefits for the territory deriving from the use of this service.

Every year, the Settimo Torinese district heating network makes it possible to avoid CO2 emissions into the atmosphere for over 17,000 * tonnes.

The network is mainly powered by the heat recovered from the LEINI 'thermoelectric plant, also owned by ENGIE, which is also integrated with the energy produced by the SOLIS biomass power plant.

Along the network, in order to guarantee service continuity, a backup power plant is installed that can supply the thermal energy needs in case of faults and / or out of order of the Leinì power plant.


The extension works of the existing network are being planned, which will feed the area of the San Gallo district in 2018: at this stage the subscriptions of the users present in the area and interested in the service are being collected.

The pool of estimated potential users exceeds 10 GWh / year.

For further clarification it is possible to request an appointment at our offices in c / o Archimede Multimedia Civic Library, Via Giannone, 3 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO).

For any fault or malfunction report contact the toll-free number: 800 966 151


* calculating a 90% gas-fired boiler park.



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