The ENGIE project for the new Cagliari Stadium

Cagliari, 28th February 2018

The finalist projects for the construction of the new Cagliari stadium were presented today.

The ENGIE project, the Gau Arena designed by Gino Zavanella, foresees a capacity of 24 thousand spectators, expandable to 30 thousand.

Inspired by the landscape in which it should rise, the project includes a multi-purpose complex with windows and terraces with sea view and stadium view. There are also bars, a play area for children, shops, the museum of Cagliari. The stands are located 7 meters from the field.

The stadium will be arranged on 5 levels.
In the first level will be set the museum, a clinic, a bar, a space for the press.
The second level instead includes 26 Sky boxes in addition to conference rooms and a suite with a view of the field.
The third level will be allocated to the offices of the company; the fourth will be dedicated to the shops.
The fifth level will have a restaurant with a view of the field and sea view.

A multipurpose stadium, where to watch football matches,participate to concerts and various events: Over all, a sustainable stadium: the surface will be equipped with photovoltaic panels.