Energy Efficiency Brescia

Brescia, 23 october 2018

The operational launch of the Provincial Public Lighting Network (RIP) Project was launched today by the Province of Brescia. It will support local Municipalities in improving the energy efficiency of its public lighting systems, with the simultaneous reduction of consumption and the reduction of light pollution, in line with European energy policies.



The municipal public lighting network will be modernized by replacing over 23,000 lighting fixtures with the new LED technology, covering 90% of the territory, and 70 km of new power lines and cable ducts will be built, allowing significant energy savings with a consequent decrease in pollution, equivalent to the lack of circulation of about 700 vehicles in the provincial territory.

The project also involves management, operation, routine, scheduled and extraordinary maintenance, energy supply and the simultaneous dissemination of integrated technological services.

The Project is a virtuous example of public-private partnership that will also allow the start of important and significant environmental development actions in the territories of small municipalities.


 «This is a concession that will produce significant energy savings by reducing the current fees and CO2 emissions in our territories. This project is part of the broader path that the Province of Brescia has been carrying out for some time, starting with the approval of its own Digital Agenda, in line with the Community strategy of sustainable development, to support the economic and social growth of our communities, for the joint planning and implementation of smart energy efficiency actions».

Pier Luigi Mottinelli, Province of Brescia President


«We are happy to be a partner of the Province of Brescia and its 21 municipalities in this important project that aims to redevelop and make the territory "smarter".
The "smart city" interventions will be different, such as the installation of wi-fi units, video cameras and weather stations, accompanied by a service to the H24 citizen and 7 days a week to collect reports.
The Province of Brescia has proved to be a "conscious Administration" that promotes concrete actions in favor of saving, environmental protection and service to the citizen, to improve the quality of life of people». 

Daniele Bellotto, Area Nord Ovest of ENGIE Italia Director



The process led to the coordination of an aggregation of 21 Municipalities for a shared design, which also takes into account the peculiarities of the individual, making the most of the benefits of the system logics.
The Municipalities are: Alfianello, Chiari, Coccaglio, Concesio, Gambara, Lodrino, Ome, Padenghe sul Garda, Paderno Franciacorta, Passirano, Pezzaze, Poncarale, Puegnago del Garda, Rudiano, Seniga, Tavernole sul Mella, Tremosine, Verolavecchia, as well as Marmirolo (MN) and Capergnanica (CR).

We want to build an harmonious progress and for this we are committed daily to projects of efficiency and sustainability. Alongside over 300 Italian municipalities we have redeveloped over 350,000 lighting points.