Aliante: School and business, the wings for the future

Florence, December 15th 2017

ENGIE Italy and CPL CONCORDIA signed today the agreement for the project "Aliante: school and business, the wings for work", launched for the 2017-2018 school year on the subject of School-Work Alternation.

The Convention defines the purpose of the project, in terms of final competences, the training of the professional figure of the "Maintenance Technician and Installation of equipment and systems".

The school

The "Aliante" project will be addressed to all the fourth and fifth classes of the "Leonardo Da Vinci" Professional Institute, a total of 90 students, assisted by a working group composed of 5 professors, coordinated by Prof. Salvatore Pinco.

For the Headmaster Scholar Prof. Marco Paterni:

"Al 'Leonardo da Vinci' builds the future of our students, and provides them with the cultural foundations, the principles of civil coexistence and the professional skills to face the world of work tomorrow.
This agreement stems from our and our partners' willingness to share the same objective, and to invest in the same skills".


Together with the partner companies the minimum competences have been defined to be acquired to the students to prepare them to face the working areas of interest (plant maintenance and installation, Global Service, Facility Management) as well as transversal skills such as those in the field of safety, management of group work, communication.

According to Olivier Jacquier, CEO of ENGIE Italia:

"We attach great value to work-school alternation projects and to the Aliante project in particular as they represent a virtuous example of synergy between school and company in favor of young people.
We are happy to make available to young people our expertise to enrich their school education, to provide keys for reading and greater awareness in the choice of their future".


The Path

The project allows young people to transmit the importance and role of energy efficiency for the sustainable development of our country and a better quality of life for all.

The path provides a strong synergy between companies and the Scholastic Institution. Starting from next spring and with continuity of time, the companies will host the students in groups belonging to all the addresses, in order to standardize the basic skills without neglecting the specificities of the various curvatures of address.

Within the school will also be organized educational interventions by experts of the companies on specialized arguments teacher training and implementation of dedicated laboratories.

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