First geothermal plant in europe

Castelnuovo Val di Cecina (PI), 31st january 2018

Graziella Green Power and the world energy player ENGIE, through its branches Storengy and ENGIE Italia, have signed an agreement for the construction of an innovative binary cycle geothermal system in Castelnuovo Val di Cecina (PI).



Since 2019

The project will begin in 2019 and involves the design, construction and management of a 5 MWe geothermal power plant. The plant will have zero environmental impact thanks to an innovative solution: the geothermal fluid taken from the subsoil, after generating electricity, will be totally re-introduced into the same subsoil together with non-condensable gases (CO2 and others), with a production cycle, therefore, without emissions into the atmosphere.


At full capacity, the geothermal plant will produce an annual amount of energy estimated at around 40,000 MWh with significant economic benefits for the local community. Furthermore, to ensure the minimum environmental impact on the territory, the plant has been designed in harmony with the landscape context, with a low visual impact and without evaporation towers.
As soon as administrative permits have been obtained, civil works and drilling will begin. ENGIE Italia will provide its industrial background for project management and plant management and Storengy, with internationally recognized expertise in the subsurface, will take care of drilling and geoscience activities.
Graziella Green Power will provide its support in the exploration of the subsoil and in drilling activities, becoming an active part of the territory in the activities of project and site management.

According to Iacopo Magrini, Graziella Green Power CEO:

«Our company was looking for a solid partner to carry out innovative projects in the field of geothermal energy and ENGIE had the aim of strengthening its commitment towards renewable energy. The work carried out so far by us, together with the skills and know-how of ENGIE and Storengy, will allow us to open new paths for the future of the Italian geothermal sector ».



Accoridng to Cécile Prévieu, Storengy CEO (Graziella Green Power):
«In the strategy of Storengy, engaged in the energy transition, geothermal energy is a key element. The partnership with Graziella Green Power represents a great opportunity to be part of a truly innovative project with our first geothermal plant in Italy».


According to Olivier Jacquier, ENGIE Italia CEO:
«This project is a concrete example that goes in the direction of our vision: a world in 3D, decarbonised, decentralized, digitized.
ENGIE wants to be an actor of this vision, through the development of renewable sources and energy efficiency, with the fundamental push of innovation, the main driver of all our solutions. The realization of the innovative geothermal power station allows us to create new jobs, to preserve the environment, to be coherent and determined about our purpose: united for a harmonious progress».