Plant optimization

Rational use of energy and its sustainability now lie at the basis of every energy-related decision. From politics to industry, from public to private.

At the same time, the constant availability of energy is fundamentally important to keep the activities viable and provide reliable services, without any risk of faults and breakdowns.

Choosing ENGIE means working alongside a partner capable of responding to all the challenges of energy management: plant optimization, reduction of consumption and better environmental impact, guarantee of comfort combined with maximum reliability in the supply of energy and operation of the plants.

From an initial energy audit may emerge ideas for improvements that take the form of proposed operations on the plants. The ENGIE solutions are designed for every need and aimed at optimizing the yield of the energy supplied within an integrated vision, working on a constant improvement of the plants.

The objective is clear: to provide a service capable of guaranteeing safety and an economic saving, together with a transparent and controlled energy resource management.



Compliance with the legislation in force is a safety feature for customers and the environment. ENGIE accompanies its customers in obtaining certification, an obligatory practice that certifies the efficiency of buildings from the energy saving point of view.

SUCCESS STORY: City Council of Rome

Management of 725 heating systems and requalification operations on 55 of them. Improvement of the IT management system of all plants.

Management of 52 thermal solar plants and installation of photovoltaic systems for a total of 128 kWp. The operations will bring a reduction in CO2 emissions of 607 tonnes per year, which corresponds to a saving of 263 TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent).