New Agreement with Alcantara

Nera Montoro, october 30th 2019

We continue to be at the side of Alcantara, an important production company that realizes the eponymous material and exports it all over the world. We offer a customized solution to maximize energy savings in favor of environmental sustainability.

The partnership with Alcantara, started in 2013, is strengthened, therefore, with a new energy efficiency project at the Nera Montoro site in the province of Terni. Thanks to the construction of a 2.7 MW Trigeneration plant and a new 6 MW Cogeneration plant, the production of electricity from 45 GWh to 110 GWh and thermal energy from 150 GWh to 250 GWh will be increased.
This will allow both to reduce the energy consumption of the site and to respond efficiently to its growing energy needs.


ENGIE Italy will invest a total of 12 million euros in the project and will provide technical support from 8 specialized maintenance personnel who will work on a permanent basis within the production site.
At the end of the construction of all the plants, the Alcantara production site will benefit from a saving of 6 million euros and a cut of 22 thousand tons of CO2 less per year, equivalent to 730 thousand trees planted or 7,300 fewer cars in circulation.
The site will thus be completely autonomous from an electrical and thermal point of view: a fundamental asset for an industry that employs around 500 employees who work 24 hours a day.


«We are proud to support and be once again at the side of an important Italian company which is Alcantara - which since 2013 has believed, like us, that economic progress cannot ignore the attention to the environment and to the communities.
The partnership with Alcantara represents a concrete example of our commitment to achieving a complete transition towards zero-impact energy.
We are convinced that acting together can be the solution and not the problem for our planet».

Olivier Jacquier, CEO ENGIE ITALIA

Since 2009 Alcantara measures, reduces and neutralizes its CO2 emissions with a net balance equal to zero (about 500,000 tons of CO2 offset in 10 years). The start-up of the new production plant in January and the new ENGIE Trigeneration system will reduce the energy impact and above all the environmental impact of Alcantara, in line with its vocation and its serious commitment to sustainability.


«With this new energy efficiency project on our production site in Nera Montoro we reiterate our research identity strongly aimed at innovation and experimentation in the field of sustainability. This year, in fact, marks the tenth anniversary of the status of Carbon Neutrality of Alcantara, which was the first Italian industrial company, and one of the first in the world, to have obtained this status».

Andrea Boragno, President and CEO Alcantara S.p.A.