A New Lighting for the Archaeological Excavations of Herculaneum

Herculaneum, 1st December 2018

Herculaneum, a UNESCO heritage site, now has a new illumination at the historic entrance to the archaeological excavations. An elegant play of light that enhances the boundary between the ancient city and the modern one and that exploits the architecture of the exedra of the historic access of Corso Resina.

We have in fact started a partnership with the Municipality of Ercolano for the management and requalification of public lighting systems.


«The new illumination of the historic entrance to the Parco da Corso Resina once again concretizes the inter-institutionalized public-private collaboration, promoted since the establishment of this Direction».

Francesco Sirano, Director of the Archaeological Park

A place full of symbolic values: for long time it was a point of distinction between two cities, today is a passage between two times, two realities, two places populated by citizens and visitors aware of both places.


«Looking to the future without forgetting our past: this is the philosophy that drove us to start a partnership with ENGIE, aimed at modernizing the public lighting system and saving energy that, in addition to economic value, has a huge ethical meaning».

Ciro Buonajuto, Herculaneum's mayor

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