A revolution of light in Fiumicino

Fiumicino, 4th december 2018

It will be a real revolution of light in Fiumicino from January 2019.

Public lighting will be completely transformed, starting from the oldest poles that require immediate intervention.

«All the lamps on the territory will be replaced with the a generation of LED lamps. This means more efficient roads lighting that will increase the safety of traffic viability. 90 new cameras will have installed on the territory, doubling the existing number. All cameras will be connected to the local police operations room».

Esterino Montino, Fiumicino's Mayor


This renewal will not entail any additional expenses for the Municipality, despite the technological progress that it will bring to our plants. There will be 7,700 new LED lamps and 5 km of new cables thanks to the considerable savings allowed by the LED lamps adoption.

No more lights that go out, no more roads in the dark. Our solutions will allow an energy saving of about 67% with a consequent reduction of 1,700 tons of CO2 avoided to the environment, equivalent to the lack of circulation of 855 vehicles.