Understanding the Climate Change

Naples, 10 october 2019 - 31 may 2020

Naples, October 10th 2019 - May 31st 2020

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples will take the field for the environment, promoting, from 10 October 2019 to 31 May 2020, “Understanding climate change - Experience exhibition, a narrative and experiential space where visitors will discover the causes and effects of global warming.

Produced by OTM Company and Studeo Group, in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, the exhibition is realized with the scientific curatorship of Luca Mercalli, President of the Italian Meteorological Society.
Environment and climate are today the central themes in the global debate and involve young people from all over the world in an exciting growth.




Developed in an area of 250 m2, the exhibition is divided into three distinct phases:

  • It starts from the experience: in the first room, visitors are greeted by large images of luxuriant nature, recreated along the perimeter walls; to the astonishment and emotion for the wonders of our planet, they will counteract the disasters caused by climate change.
  • We move on to awareness: interactive walls, infographics and illustrations show how political, cultural and economic choices can affect the environment. The goal is to give birth to an ecological conscience.
  • The last step of the exhibition is an invitation to act: "Let's change our future". Visitors are encouraged to adopt "eco-sustainable" behaviors in their daily life (from nutrition to the choice of transport, from the reduction of energy consumption to waste management).



A few days ago, during our annual Forum dedicated to climate change, we presented the data from research carried out by Euromedia Research, Politecnico di Milano and ANCI: in Italy over 70% of citizens are aware and interested in the topic, 56% adopt virtuous behavior and over 80% of companies are sensitive to environmental aspects.

Conversely, still few companies and citizens measure their CO2 emissions and take actions to lower them. In ENGIE Italy we want to build with all the actors of the territories in which we operate - businesses, institutions, families and citizens - an inclusive, shared, fair future.

This is why, as a global active partner, we have chosen to support the exhibition "Understanding climate change.


«Companies like ENGIE have a great responsibility: to develop tools and solutions to reduce their environmental impact and that of their customers; make everyone aware of the defense of the common good. Only if we are aware, if we measure our emissions can we reduce them.
ENGIE, in the last 5 years has halved its emissions by over 50%, a path on which we continue to work. As the exhibition tells us: the only way to safeguard our planet is to change perspective. Together».

Olivier Jacquier, ENGIE Italia CEO

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