ENGIE transforms Monterotondo lighting

Monterotondo, November 4th 2019

In the next 9 years, with a perspective towards 'Smart City', the Municipality and ENGIE will work in partnership for the reduction of energy consumption and light and environmental pollution.

The job aims to replace more than 4,100 luminaires in the municipality with LED technology. A project that will lead to an annual saving of 2 million kWh, which translates into an energy saving of 65%, equal to a reduction of 750 tons of CO2 in 12 months, as if there were 380 fewer cars per year in the Municipality of Monterotondo.

Road safety will be improved, thanks also to the renewal of the traffic light systems: all of this in perspective of saving energy.

In addition to the upgrading works, we will also guarantee the maintenance of the new equipment, making a new toll-free number (800 894 520) available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to all citizens, law enforcement agencies and verification bodies, thus improving the availability of intervention times.

The job will be completed by April 2020, but the commitment is to complete already 70% of the job by February 2020.


«The program of planned interventions is part of a broader administrative strategy that looks at energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.
The replacement of more than 4,000 luminaires with LED technology will help to maintain public decorum and will reduce consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, thus representing the contribution, small but fundamental that the City of Monterotondo is giving to contrast climate change.

Riccardo Varone, mayor of Monterotondo


"The energy efficiency of the entire public lighting network of the Municipality of Monterotondo is a concrete example of how a virtuous municipality decides, together with a private subject, to improve the quality of life of people. There are currently 72 local public administrations in the Lazio Region that have chosen ENGIE Italia to implement energy efficiency solutions in favor of the environment. All these represent for us concrete goals towards the decarbonization of our Country».

Roberto Rossi, Executive Vice President - B2T Director of ENGIE Italia