A Mandala for sustainability in Alberobello

Saturday 12th January from 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm, in Piazza del Popolo

Alberobello, 12th January 2019

ENGIE involves the community of Alberobello in the realization of a great collective project, the Mandala.

Inhabitants, tourists, families, young people and children are invited to create a large Mandala that represents our planet with images focused on sustainability.

The target? To make everyone aware of a more and more conscious use of the energy and resources of the Earth, because the most virtuous energy is the one we do not consume.


Saturday 12th January from 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm, in Piazza del Popolo in Alberobello.


«We would like to thank ENGIE for this event that enriches even more the Trulli Viventi Christmas card.
A billboard that has seen ENGIE protagonist of the Christmas lights and that sees an ever closer synergy between the Municipality and the company that manages the public lighting service».

Antonella Ivone, Councilor for Tourism Alberobello


«We are happy to be here, once again, alongside this Municipality with which we collaborate to make it even more sustainable, safe, virtuous.
We are close to Alberobello's 
citizens to understand their needs, satisfy them and improve the quality of life.
We decided to implement the mandala initiative to involve citizens in a fun activity, but also to raise awareness on sustainability issues.
We are increasingly convinced that a harmonious progress is possible as long as we join, for this goal, everyone, beyond the roles».

 Fabrizio Di Battista, ENGIE Italia Area Adriatica-Sud Director