Lights in Milan 2018

Milan, 22th november 2018

We are partners of the project "Lights in Milan" - designed by the Municipality - which aims to enhance and promote the image of the city during the Christmas period, spreading the festive atmosphere through the use of light. Not only a decoration but also a tool to highlight the architecture, the squares, the buildings and the monuments. 

We decided to participate in our own way, creating an engaging tale of light and video, dedicated to the four elements of nature: earth, air, water and fire.
This show will take place from 7 December to 7 January at the Torre Breda, historic symbol of the Bicocca district of Milan that will be enlivened by a play of lights and colors that will envelop it highlighting the beauty of architectural style as opposed to steel and glass structures of the modern buildings from which it is surrounded.

The façade of the underlying building will come to life through the projection of a video dedicated to nature that, through messages to support the environment, will guide the viewer on a path that has as its objective the protection of our planet.

The Torre Breda lighting project was made possible thanks to the collaboration with Signify, the I-dea Studio and the Bicocca University of Milan.


«ENGIE is a citizen of Milan. We are an active part of this great city, so dynamic and projected to the future, just like us. We aim to help make it more sustainable and reduce energy consumption.
Let's illuminate Torre Breda, just renovated, to highlight its value, to make it more visible to the citizens of the district ».


Olivier Jacquier, CEO of ENGIE Italia


We collaborate with the municipality of Milan providing the energy service to over 500 buildings.
In the Castello Sforzesco we take care of the management and maintenance of the plants powered by 30 heat pumps, also creating a control room dedicated to remote management of the heating systems to further improve its efficiency, contributing to significantly reduce harmful emissions in the environment, comparable to elimination of 5,700 cars.
But we also manage the energy services of over 400 private condominiums, the Teatro alla Scala and the San Siro Stadium.

We support territories, companies, buildings, communities and people to contribute to a positive evolution capable of uniting the needs of the environment, to collective and individual interests, for the benefit of a more sustainable future.