Biella District Heating

Biella, 21st may 2018

ENGIE Reti Calore has started work on the construction of 3 new kilometers of the Biella district heating network. They will be interested in the San Francesco district with the Teatro Sociale, the Liceo Scientifico, the Scuola Media, the Belletti-Bona Rest House and some private condominiums in the area. 

In terms of environmental impact, this extension will contribute to a further reduction in CO2 emissions of around 6,000 tons / year and 25% of NOx emissions.

In addition to saving money, the service will be more reliable and safe and will contribute effectively to the reduction of pollution in Piedmont.

The project of the Biella district heating network was born in 2008 following the signing of the agreement with the Municipality of Biella. In October 2010, the heat supply was activated in the southern area of ​​Biella, while in October 2013 the service was started in the North area. In 2017 and 2018 the development of the network has experienced a strong push with the extension to the San Francesco district and the extension to the San Paolo district for which the road to work is imminent.

ENGIE Reti Calore currently manages 11 district heating networks, of which 5 in Piedmont as well as Biella (Saluzzo, Fossano, Racconigi, Turin and Settimo Torinese) for a total of 140 km of network.