iChange - Climate Goal

Milan, June 4th 2019

Talking about the climate changes, the risk factors for the environment, talking about solutions that can help limit pollutants in the atmosphere. These are the main issues addressed in the project "CLIMATE GOAL: iCHANGE", developed together with the Milano-Bicocca University. The event is one of the initiatives carried out by the Bicocca district of which ENGIE is a part and has an active role.



Andrea Giuliacci, expert meteorologist, in an open debate with students he discussed the important topic in two meetings, which took place on May 27th and June 4th, also at the Bicocca University.

The city of Milan is at the center of the debate, with the aim of making it increasingly "green", thanks to innovative ideas. In the first meeting, initially, the students completed an online questionnaire for 33 thousand students on their culture on climate change. The answers were discussed immediately with a continuous comparison between Professor Giuliacci and the students.

The institutions attended the second meeting: Luca Marchesi, General Manager Vicar Environment Climate of the Lombardy Region, and Marco Granelli, Minister for Mobility and the Environment of the Municipality of Milan. On this occasion the students brought concrete proposals to improve the sustainability of the Milan area to the institutions.


«Together with the Milano-Bicocca University we wanted to follow up on our joint work to combat climate change. We involved the students to stimulate concrete ideas to debate together with the public administration. ENGIE Italy confirms the commitment to create the necessary awareness to change behavior and to change perspective. The common good in the center».

Olivier Jacquier, ENGIE Italy CEO


The students brought 'embryonic' ideas to the table of the public administration ranging from the energy generated by photovoltaics, to the reuse of rainwater, to the increase of exclusively pedestrian areas in Milan City and neighboring municipalities for several days a week, to a more tight control system on the heating and cooling systems of the individual condominiums.


«It is always very interesting meet these students and collect proposals. Milan has put in place many measures, such as Area B and incentives for the replacement of the most polluting vehicles, to improve air quality. We live in a city that has many advantages but that from a climatic point of view is penalized by the accumulation of dust. The sensitivity of citizens and young people's superintendence has increased a lot, the initiatives that help us to inform and stimulate sensitivity are welcome».

Marco Granelli, Minister for Mobility and the Environment of the Municipality of Milan.


The event is part of the activities promoted by the Bicocca District partners, the network of the northern area of the Metropolitan City of Milan created with the aim of attracting talent, creating opportunities for growth and development, improving the quality of services and life of the residents and those operating in the area.

The future implications of the ‘CLIMATE TARGET: iCHANGE’ project are postponed until the autumn of 2019.