Energy Management

ENGIE manages the plants in their entirety: their design, requalification, operation and maintenance and the supply of fuel (gaseous or liquid), ensuring optimum results in terms of efficiency and saving.



The ENGIE plants are operated normally through IT control, which enables the service and operations to be monitored constantly in real time from a remote location.



Through preventive maintenance programmes, ENGIE carries out tests and inspections with a view to predicting failures.



Continuous adaptation of the plants for compliance with all the energy efficiency legislation, with delegation of responsibilities.



(Product certification UNI EN 15838:2010)

ENGIE has its own certified call centre, with highly qualified staff to immediately send on requests to the relevant technical staff and thus ensure prompt and effective action. A constantly available contact for obtaining information, reporting problems and asking for support.


SUCCESS STORY: City Council of Milan

Energy service management of 525 public buildings in the city of Milan, including schools, swimming pools, offices, museums and theatres, such as Teatro degli Arcimboldi, the Castello Sforzesco and the Town Hall in Via Pirelli.

Targeted energy requalification operations on the facilities that consume the most energy: adoption of heat pumps, installation of thermal solar panels and 23,000 thermostatic radiator valves. A saving of 1,877 TOE and a reduction in atmospheric emissions of 5,500 tonnes of CO2.