Frosinone Blue City

Frosinone, 24th february 2018.

Yesterday evening, Friday 23 February, an unexpected and evocative blue light path surprised an entire city, ideally connecting the historic center of Frosinone to the most commercial area of the Lazio province, dedicated to strolling and shopping during the weekend.

From the arcades of Palazzo della Prefettura in Piazzale Vittorio Veneto to street lamps positioned between Via Aldo Moro and Piazza Cervini; from the staircase of the Ascensore Inclinato to the lights of Piazza Sacra Famiglia near the train station, about 200 points of light and street lamps lit up simultaneously with blue light that surprised and made pedestrians curious.

Today the unveiling, at the same time, in different areas of the city involved in the project: a unique initiative that this evening will engage again the city of Frosinone, which will be possible to follow on social media thanks to the hashtag #FrosinoneBlueCity, and that is part of the new institutional campaign 'Piacere, ENGIE' promoted nationally by ENGIE. The campaign integrates communication activities on the main media (TV, press and web), events and initiatives on the whole Italian territory.


Fabio Tagliaferri, Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Public Works and Maintenance of the Municipality of Frosinone, says:

“The energy efficiency of the entire public lighting network of the city of Frosinone, represents for our administration one of the objectives achieved and to be more proud and satisfied. The overall appearance of the city at night has completely changed and the LED has given our neighborhoods a completely renewed and modern image.
avings, environmental protection and improved service are the cornerstones of this virtuous administrative initiative".


Olivier Jacquier CEO of ENGIE Italy, says;

"ENGIE, as architect of the territory, wants to build a progress more harmonious and it is committed to supporting its customers in the energy transition, through projects that go in the direction of decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization of energy.
Frosinone, is a virtuous example of "aware administration" that has taken a path with us: the joint commitment between public administration and private company aims to improve the quality of life of people, promoting measures and concrete solutions in the name of innovation, energy efficiency and in support of the environment".



Engaged alongside more than 1,000 public administrations and important companies committed in the challenge of climate change and driven by the desire to contribute to a harmonious progress that goes beyond the energy, ENGIE from March 2016 until 2030 will manage for the Municipality of Frosinone the public lighting service, the implementation of energy efficiency measures and regulatory compliance. A project that is completely redeveloping the public lighting park of the city with the latest technology for the benefit of citizens.

The initiative realized in Frosinone is for ENGIE, leader of the energy transition, an opportunity to introduce itself to the citizens and to the families of the city, witnessing how much the brand is already present in their daily life, and to communicate the activities and work carried out to date by the Company on the territory.

In almost two years, thanks to ENGIE, the Municipality of Frosinone has already installed 8,305 new lighting devices with LED technology equipped with automatic regulation of the luminous flux and realized following the lighting requirements calculated for each roadway or reference place in which the lighting body is located.

6,300 meters of electricity line have been upgraded, 260 light poles have been replaced or installed, the lighting system of the Bailey bridge has been built on the former Biondi viaduct and, following the extension of the network, new lines were created with LED lighting.

According to the Sustainable Energy Action Plan approved by the Municipality of Frosinone, finally confirmed the data and all the benefits in terms of savings that the city will produce in 14 years: 12.408 tonnes of CO2 avoided to the atmosphere, equivalent to 378 hectares of trees in more and 1,726 cars less circulating in the city, a better quality of life of its citizens.


Discover all that ENGIE has done for Frosinone.