Festival Sciences and Innovation

6th edition - Settimo Torinese

Settimo Torinese, 14-21 October 2018

Also this year we support the Festival of Innovation and Science. The event, now in its sixth edition, transforms Settimo Torinese into the Italian capital of scientific divulgation.

This shows the strong bond we have with the Piedmont area where we are involved in the management of the important district heating network of Settimo Torinese.

In particular on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st Piazza Campidoglio will turn into a giant space dedicated to innovation, hosting first the projects of about 30 high schools from all over Italy (participating in the ArchimedeLab Prize) and the final day of the Festival as many elementary and middle classes in Turin and province.

Environment and innovation are for us two key words that we share with the Settimo Torinese Festival and confirm our commitment on these issues and more generally on the construction of an harmonious progress and of everything related to the world of energy and thermal of the House.


This year's event is titled "Pensa alla salute" ("Think About Health") and boasts many exceptional testimonials. Among them stand out sport champions like Margherita Granbassi, Marc Genè, Giuseppe Poeta and Marco Dolfin in the double role of paralympic athlete and doctor, great innovators like Gunter Pauli (Blue Economy) and Marco Attisani (Watly), academics like Alessandro Vercelli, Marco Vincenti, Claudio Marazzini, Elena Dogliotti, Eros Pasero, Francesco Botrè and Diego Garbossa.

Do not miss the good habits and innovations at the table with the food mentor Marco Bianchi, chefs like Simone Salvini, Valeria Mosca and the world pastry champion Silvia Federica Boldetti.

The exhibition of Irene Grandi closes the rich calendar of the Festival under the banner of experimentation with new forms of communication and dissemination, mixing different languages.

The center of the event is the Archimedes Library which will also host Settimo Mistero, the first and only escape room for scientific divulgation.

A real game dedicated to adults and children aged 8 and up who will compete with riddles, riddles and curiosities about the protein.


«Also this year the Festival of Innovation and Science presents itself to the general public with a rich and articulated calendar that shows how the exhibition has now become one of the most important in the national territory in terms of scientific divulgation. The record of presences last year shows how the Festival is a real engine of promotion of the territory. Through meetings, scientific cafés, events, exhibits and workshops, the event that is open to all will allow you to face and enhance all aspects of current issues and trends related to the health issue, outside the traditional spaces».

Fabrizio Puppo, mayor of Settimo Torinese


«The festival that has become even bigger this year, involving 10 municipalities of the Metropolitan Area including Turin, is characterized once again to have a precise positioning, a unique connotation in the Italian scene. A Festival that marries popularization and entertainment to make participation in events a unique experience. A rich and varied program that succeeds, starting from the theme of health, to propose different and innovative ideas and insights».

Aldo Corgiat, president of Fondazione ECM



The Festival includes the morning dedicated to educational workshops that involve about 250 classes of elementary and middle schools in the metropolitan area and to scientific insights for high schools. The afternoon and evening are instead intended for the general public with meetings, shows, events, debates, and many surprises and novelties.

The Festival aims to involve once again different audiences and the school world which remains the main engine of the event.

Different languages and experiences are integrated in an innovative and diversified way to be closer to the needs of our interlocutors ranging from children to an adult audience.