Our ethical principles

We are transparent towards all our stakeholders.

Our commitment towards ethical issues is based on the contents of the "ENGIE Code of Ethics" and the "Ethical Practices” guide.

The Code of Ethics is part of an ambitious, global ethical policy whose primary objectives are:

  • to include ethics in the strategy, management and professional practices of all the companies in the Group
  • to procure tools better suited to the application of this device, and to check compliance with these commitments.

The Group’s ethical principles are expressed in four simple messages aimed at directing the professional conduct of each of its collaborators:

  • act in compliance with the laws and regulations
  • establish a culture of integrity
  • demonstrate loyalty and honesty
  • respect others


Interview with Enrica Tocci, Ethics Officer of Engie Italia 

Question: How is Ethics organized in the Group and in Italy?
Answer: The ENGIE Group comprises a specific department, the Ethics and Compliance Department, which manages all ethics and compliance-related matters, including the issue of related policies and training programmes. The Department has a network of about 220 Ethics Officers in the entire ENGIE Group.

QuestionWhat role does an Ethics Officer play in Italy?
Answer: The Ethics Officer has the task of ensuring knowledge and respect of the Ethical principles and policies, organizing training courses for managers and employees, promptly reporting and managing any ethical incident and analysing and managing all themes in this area, in close collaboration with the Group’s Ethics & Compliance function.

QuestionWhat are the priorities in Italy?
Answer: In Italy, the priorities are to increase the awareness of all employees, through ad hoc training courses, to implement and spread all the group’s Ethics policies so as to make sure that they are fully respected, to analyse ethical risks, above all in the investment plans and in relations with suppliers, and to manage them. 
Likewise, Engie Italia has adopted an Organizational Model 231 and has appointed a Supervisory Body for every legal entity, with the mission of monitoring and ensuring respect of this Model, so as to hold the company harmless against liability in accordance with Legislative decree no. 231/01.