Eco-sustainable public lighting in Ercolano

Over 1 million euros saved by the municipality over the next 13 years.

Rome, 16 april 2018

ENGIE announces its partnership with the Municipality of Ercolano for the management and redevelopment of public lighting systems.

The agreement, with a duration of 13 years, involves the use of LED technology that will allow a reduction of over 65% of the energy currently used, a decrease in CO2 emissions of about 850 tons per year and a saving for the public administration of over 1 million Euros for the entire duration of the contract (about 80,000 € per year).

We will replace 4,682 lighting points and will install 100 new ones. It will also install 10 photovoltaic poles, 3 integrated shuffle systems (smart poles integrated with wi-fi camera, sound diffusion and chargers for smartphones), 1 point-to-point control system, 4 information totems accessible to citizens. We will also replace 76 switchboards with latest generation electric panels.


Launching procedures to enable the City to modernise its public lighting system was one of the first steps of our administration. An economic choice, for the savings that will bring to the Municipality, but especially linked to ethics for the impact that it will have on the environment that we will leave to our children: the greatest lesson of the millennial history of our city is that we must never stop looking to the future.
Reversing the route is not easy, but thanks to the presence of a partner with global relevance we are sure of the positive effects of this change.

Ciro Buonajuto, mayor of Ercolano   


We are particularly honoured by the agreement reached with the Municipality of Ercolano, a town recognised beyond Italy's borders for its historical and archaeological legacy, part of UNESCO heritage.
As architects of the territory, we help over 250 Italian municipalities to consume less and better. We are sure to bring tangible benefits not only to the local administration of Ercolano, but also to the environment and therefore to citizens, enhancing the image of this unique area. A project for the harmonious progress of our cities and for a better people’s quality of life.

 Olivier Jacquier, CEO of ENGIE Italia.