Engineering and construction

The engineering and design of technological and heating plants.

ENGIE has a team of “Technical Support & Engineering” qualified internal resources capable of designing any type of technological and energy plant.

ENGIE’s professionals meet any need by offering innovative solutions, specialist studies and complete designs up to the turnkey delivery of the plant:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary, definitive, executive and construction design
  • Works management
  • Final inspections, tests and commissioning
  • Project management


An integrated service that follows the customer from the initial design input to the execution of the works and during the operating phase.


Protection of the environment and safeguarding of production efficiency. These are the objectives with which Sanofi, the leading pharmaceutical company in Italy in terms of industrial structure, and ENGIE, a world energy operator, stipulated an agreement for the design and implementation of energy efficiency solutions at the Sanofi plants in Europe, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China and Singapore. To date, four plants have been built on the Sanofi sites in Italy: Anagni, Brindisi, Scoppito (AQ) and Origgio (VA). The objective is to reduce energy costs by at least 20% with respect to the past and to help to reduce the CO2 emissions.

Through its “Technical Support & Engineering” department, ENGIE completed a preliminary energy diagnosis of the plants, to determine the energy requirements. The results of this analysis paved the way for the “Basic Engineering Studies”, preliminary projects for the construction of cogeneration and trigeneration plants for each site. The configuration of these plants was tailored to the requirements of the sites, which need heating and cooling for their medicinal product manufacturing cycle.