ENGIE transforms Monterotondo lighting

Monterotondo, March 20th 2019

In recent weeks we have started working with the Municipality of Monterotondo (RM) in the transformation of public lighting through regulatory adaptation, energy efficiency and technological evolution that will have the result of reducing light pollution and increasing road safety.


«The path started with ENGIE Italia is fully in the wake of city planning. Reduction of emissions, upgrading of facilities and energy savings: in addition to representing elements that will objectively contribute to raising the quality of life of citizens, they are now essential objectives for an Administration that pursues efficiency and innovation, without neglecting sustainability standards and environmental protection»

Roberto Del Ciello, managing director for waste and energy of Monterotondo


 «We are proud to support the municipality of Monterotondo in the process of transforming public lighting. Our solutions are consistent with our global strategy, to become a leader in the transition to zero CO2 emissions, and will allow Monterotondo energy savings of over 60% with a consequent reduction of over 700 tons of CO2 avoided in the environment, equivalent to lack of circulation of about 400 vehicles».

Claudio Galli, ENGIE Italia Lazio Area Director


The public lighting of the Municipality of Monterotondo will increase efficiency while decreasing, at the same time, the annual consumption of electricity (1 million kWh against the current 3 million kWh).



We will replace the lighting fixtures - equipped with traditional technology - with over 4,000 LED technology lamps whose total replacement is expected by November of this year. We will also deal with the regulatory adaptation of electrical installations and the replacement of traffic light lanterns.

We offer an H24 assistance service also listening to the citizens.
Each pole is in fact characterized by a QR code affixed to visible labels. Anyone experiencing a failure in the public or traffic light lighting system has the opportunity to report it promptly.