ENGIE official sponsor Olympic Games Paris 2024

ENGIE and Paris 2024

Paris, 13 September 2017

On September 13, the Paris bid to hold the 2024 Summer Olympics was officially made ratified by the members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). History will be made: it is now 100 years since Paris last organized the Summer Games.

As an official partner of the Paris bid, ENGIE will be taking its sport very seriously. Franck Bruel, Executive Vice President of ENGIE, member of the Executive Committee and head of the France B2B, explains the thinking that lies behind this commitment.

« This news will fire the enthusiasm and determination of ENGIE as a partner of the Paris bid. It is not by chance that we have committed ourselves to this partnership».


Mainly because the Olympic Games represents the values that unite us. These values, at the heart of the Olympic spirit, are those that enable companies to succeed: complete commitment, surpassing yourself, collective performance based on respect, and diversity. I was fortunate enough to play rugby for many years, and I still take part regularly in a number of sports with family and friends, such as mountain biking and skiing. These opportunities have allowed me to experience these values at first hand and to be convinced how essential they are when you need to commit to a project such as that of ENGIE in developing B2B services: we aim to be a leader in 15 countries by 2020, from France to New Zealand, from Singapour to Mexico.

ENGIE also signed up to Paris 2024 because the transformation of the Group, which seeks to pre-empt the transformation of services to industry, to public and private service sectors and to the residential sector by creating new infrastructure, solutions and services, calls for us to display the qualities of a high-level sports team! This is the type of effort that motivates us: drawing on our broad range of skills and expertise, we provide energy that is always available, efficient and appropriate, mobilized for precise and carefully distributed action, produced and used without compromising the organism’s capacity to repeat the effort and to replenish its resources.


These are the principles that guide athletes, and they are at the heart of our transformation. Beyond the supply of electricity and gas, we act to instill vitality and comfort in all those taking advantage of the sporting facilities. We guarantee the air is pure, we protect buildings from pollution, we ensure they operate optimally for the benefit both of athletes and the public, while optimizing the use of energy resources. Already for the London Olympics we relied on ENGIE Cofely to provide an innovative co-generation plant which met the Olympic Park’s needs for heat and air-conditioning with an exemplary performance in terms of energy efficiency. And beyond this, we are contributing to transforming the entire city by helping create eco-neighborhoods, particularly thanks to urban heating and cooling networks, longstanding services provided by the Group which today are boosted by digital technologies.

ENGIE’s project is also in tune with the sporting spirit of the Olympics because our current operations already put as at the heart of numerous sports amenities. There is a long list of examples of our expertise playing a key role in the excellence of sporting facilities around the world: cold production for an ice rink and water treatment for an aquatic center; fire protection for athletes and spectators as well as thermal comfort and connectivity; designing and operating the future French national ice hockey center; providing emission-free transport solutions. These venues – and sport more generally – reflect transformations running through society: energy sobriety, eco-responsibility and connectivity are expectations that are no longer called into question. The organization of sports events very much concentrates these demands: athletes are hyper-connected (whether to monitor their performance or to provide the most immersive experience possible for spectators), and stadiums and aquatic centers are designed and equipped to minimize their environmental footprint as much as to ensure irreproachable protection and comfort for spectators.

When Paris becomes the world capital of sport, it can rely on ENGIE to ensure that the Olympic adventure is shared by as many people as possible under the best conditions of technology and collaboration. But beyond this, and in line with the very basis of the Olympic spirit, our challenge is to play our part in putting people in the center of the city. Being an official partner of the Paris bid to host the 2024 Olympics gives all of ENGIE’s employees an extraordinary opportunity to show that the wonderful energy they supply to companies and cities is first and foremost for the benefit of the people who bring them alive.