ENGIE for the municipality of Albenga

Albenga, May 7th 2019

For the next 15 years we will support the municipality of Albenga to transform the public lighting network with the intention of making it increasingly a smart city. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and light pollution and increase road safety.

The main monuments of the city - Centro Storico and Pontelungo - and the Ponte Viveri will be illuminated in a special way.


«There will be a marked improvement in lighting with the installation of new LED lighting throughout the city with the replacement of old poles and the placement of about 600 street lighting fixtures, especially in the hamlets, which lacked public lighting.
At the same time there will be a significant cost saving as the LED systems have a low consumption but a higher yield and a fundamental reduction of the impact from an environmental point of view.

Giorgio Cangiano, sincado of Albenga


"We are proud to support virtuous realities such as the Province of Savona and the Municipality of Albenga in this process in favor of the environment and above all of citizens. The new public lighting will allow the Municipality of Albenga energy savings of 80%, equal to 652 tons of CO2 avoided every year in the environment, or 560 cars circulating less!

Daniele Bellotto, Director of North-West Area of ​​ENGIE Italy



The development of the service by ENGIE for the Municipality of Albenga involves an investment of over 5 million euros. We will replace traditional lighting bodies with LED ones as well as deal with the regulatory adaptation of electrical systems and light sources, the replacement of existing electrical panels, the addition of new poles and new light sources in poorly lit areas and implementation of Smart City services.

Not only energy efficiency and respect for the environment: smart services will be implemented, a city video surveillance system with 50 new cameras and 50 smart shuffle poles integrated with wi-fi camera, audio broadcasting and charging for smartphone devices.