Florence, march 28th 2019

On the occasion of the five hundredth anniversary of Leonardo's death we support the exhibition - promoted by the Municipality of Florence and organized by Mus.e -

Leonardo da Vinci and Florence. Sheets chosen from the Atlantic Code

open from March 29th to June 24th 2019 in the Sala dei Gigli of Palazzo Vecchio.


«Supporting this initiative makes us particularly proud, especially in this city, Florence, where ENGIE has been active and present for many years. Leonardo was an enlightened visionary, with an innovative look at the future and a keen eye for the world and nature. In ENGIE we share, at a global level, the commitment to protect the environment and we work every day to promote virtuous behavior for its preservation with an inclusive approach. We are honored to contribute to hosting in Florence the twelve sheets of the Codex Atlanticus that bring back to life the talent and genius of Leonardo and his connection with Florence; we believe that innovation is a fundamental driver for a more harmonious progress».

Olivier Jacquier, CEO ENGIE Italia



We have developed and implemented numerous projects for the territory of Florence aimed at improving the performance of technological and energy infrastructures and consequently services for citizens.
Between these:


  • Metropolitan City of Florence, which manages a territory of over 3,500 km2 comprising 42 municipalities and which has entrusted us with heat management and air conditioning maintenance on 114 buildings. We have carried out energy redevelopment and modernization of the building / plant system to optimize the performance of public assets.

  • University of Florence: we manage the heat and the maintenance of the air conditioning systems for the 64 buildings of the University of Florence, amounting to over 460,000 square meters, all managed and controlled remotely thanks to a remote management system.

  • "La Specola" Museum: we contribute to the conservation of the heritage kept inside.
    These are two distinct sections - the Museum of Animal Biology and the exhibition of anatomical waxes - which require complex energy management, which guarantees punctual checks on the temperature and humidity of the environment, throughout the year and for 24 hours a day.

  • Artemio Franchi Stadium: with an area of ​​50,000 m2 able to accommodate over 47,000 spectators, it is one of the most important Italian stadiums. We are in charge of the maintenance and requalification of all the technological and thermal systems of the offices and of the playing field.
    On the latter we installed a lighting system that recalls the colors of the colors of the ACF Fiorentina and of the 4 districts of the historic football of Florence.