Safety at ENGIE

From the planning of objectives to the application of the plan and the checking of the results. This management approach, which conforms to the ISO 45001 international standard that ENGIE has adopted within the scope of the Health and Safety Management System.

The results of the objective monitoring activity are recorded and published in their entirety, once a week and once a month on a special dashboard.

Health and safety are managed through a risk assessment in accordance with Legislative decree no. 81/08. They are diversified according to the type of activity carried out and are assessed before and after all preventive and protective measures have been taken.

In November 2014, the National Three-Party Committee (INAIL – Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, Representatives of employers – Confindustria, and the social parties – UIL trade union) reported ENGIE as a positive example to the European Agency for Health and Safety at Work (EUOSHA) in Bilbao, Spain, for a comparison with the other positive examples identified in all 28 member countries. ENGIE’s good practice, together with that of another organization, was rewarded for its efficacy and simplicity of diffusion, and for the fact that it constituted an improvement and not just a correction.

Among the numerous projects elaborated to promote occupational health and safety, ENGIE distributed the “Personal Protective Equipment” (PPE) manual.

Also in 2015, the Group took part, through the Italian focal point (INAIL), in the twelfth “European prize for good occupational health and safety practice”, which rewards organizations that have distinguished themselves for the active management of stress and psychosocial risks at the workplace.

With regard to preventive measures, ENGIE pays attention to the management of psychosocial risks, by coordinating various meetings for sharing the problems and good practices (e.g. Comitée Pilotage Qualité de Vie au Travail – Quality of work life control committee).

Within this scope, ENGIE has activated an anonymous and free, psychological counselling and support service active 24 hours a day, for all its collaborators and their families to help them to handle difficult situations and problems associated with their private and work lives.

The service, started up following the agreement signed with Psya, a company specialized in the management and prevention of psychosocial risks, also includes access to a telephonic mediation service.

Over the past four years, there has been an 80% reduction in the number of incidents.



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