L’Oréal and ENGIE Italy join forces

to Reduce the Environmental Impact in Settimo Torinese’s Plant.

Settimo Torinese (TO), November 7th 2018

Today we announced an innovative partnership with the Italian plant of the L'Oréal Group.

ENGIE will reintegrate 3,600 m3 of water into its Settimo Torinese district heating network per year.
Settimo Torinese's L'Oréal plant, which since 2016 has zero emissions, recycles 100% of industrial water used for production processes, contributing to water saving and recycling.

The water recovered, purified and purified, will be made available to the ENGIE district heating network, which supplies energy to the plant, contributing to meet 20% of the annual need for water to reintegrate the network.

Our district heating network covers about 47 kilometers and guarantees the supply of 80 GWh of thermal energy a year to public and private utilities of the municipal territory. The industrial pole of Settimo is zero CO2 emissions and has already reduced water consumption by 54% compared to 2005, also valuing 100% waste (zero waste in landfill), in line with their international program "Sharing Beauty with All" with which they are committed to producing sustainably with a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions.


«This result starts from afar, from the collaboration between the L'Oréal plant in Settimo Torinese and the Municipality. The first step was the connection between the Settimo plant and the district heating network. Today, thanks to the collaboration with ENGIE Italia, we contribute actively and positively to feed that same network with over 3 and a half million liters of water every year ». 
Stefania Frossasco, Settimo Torinese's L'Oréal Plant Director


«Year after year we develop innovative technological solutions tailored to the local context in which the Group operates.
This allowed us to reach many of the objectives of the sustainability plan scheduled for 2020 in advance ». 

Frederic Heinrich, L'Oréal Group for Operations Sustainability Director


"We share the same vision of the future and respect for the environment, a vision guided by the program Sharing Beauty with All by L'OREAL and by ENGIE's Harmonious Progress program.
I really like the idea of ​​supplying energy to a customer and receiving water in exchange to produce our energy.
This is also circular economy ". 

Olivier Jacquier, CEO of ENGIE Italia